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How to Increase Breast Size Naturally

The journey from your small bust size to your desired breast size is long when going through natural breast enlargement procedure. You can go for a surgery, which is less time consuming but very expensive and bears consequences which can be dangerous for your breasts. Hence those who believe in natural remedies go for such options that can offer desired result let it comes even after a few months. These remedies are completely harm free for body and one need not spend a huge cost also for them. They are easy to go and time-tested that offer effective results for sure. However, the important part here is one needs to go for them on regular basis to have timely results. There are some exercises, diet plans and food items which can help one increase the breasts to some extent. So, let us see what can be the possible natural remedies for your breasts.
Exercising – There are exercises for each and every part of your body. Yes, even for your breasts. Breast enhancement exercises do not actually increase your breast size but they work on your pectoral muscles. The pectoral muscles lie beneath your breast and working on them helps in lifting up your breasts which makes them look big and beautiful. This method takes time to give results but it surely gives results depending on exercises performed. Some basic exercises to enhance your bust size are chest press, pushups, chest dips, dumbbell fly and wall press. All these exercises are easy to perform and will give you results within 3 to 4 months if you continue to work out daily. You will experience the change in your breasts within the first 3 weeks. Exercises help in uplifting the breasts and giving them a firm look. Along with exercise, you must follow a proper diet to get effective results. Here you must note that this option has to be carried out for a longer period and hence thinking not getting desired results must not leave it.
Herbs and Foods – There are certain ingredients which help in enhancing your breast size and it is a fact. Some herbs are there available at the market which can boost the growth of your breasts. Among them, the most commonly available herbs are fenugreek, saw palmetto, fennel seeds and blessed thistle.

Fenugreek is a potent ingredient which imitates the hormones produced in a female’s body during breastfeeding. This hormone helps in increasing the breast size, a reason why breastfeeding mothers have big breasts.
Saw Palmetto is the herb which diminishes the production of testosterone in woman’s body. The presence of testosterone in a woman’s body blocks the free passage of estrogen.
Fennel Seeds are well known for boosting the estrogen production in a woman’s body. Estrogens are the growth hormones in women.
Blessed Thistle is much similar to fenugreek and possesses similar abilities like fenugreek.
It is very important to keep working out along with consumption of herbs for effective results. It is recommended to consume fresh herbs to get the most benefits out of them. Do not opt for processed or packed versions of these herbs.

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